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WEWEC.COM - it is Credits Exchange of SAP, which works only with good recommended and consistently implement earns systems.As exchange we work throught 2009 year.

We know good this branch and in this article show our opinion and recommendations.Thanks to our customers and their wishes we make aim to develop big service, which works in online surfing and online marketing branch.We decided to write an article that will help users and advertisers, as well as a potential customers, to learn about online surfing and online marketing

Sometimes this article will change, get wider and increase thanks to WEWEC.COM customers and System of Active Promotion administration.We hope that we will be able to create an interesting and useful booklet.

What is a System of Active Promotion?

There are a lot of ways to earn.Each of them takes different amount of time, mental, physical and financial costs.As a step towards 'easy money' can be considered the Internet.At certain extent it is work on the Internet.

There are many websites that offer to advertisers thousands of site visitors and readers of advertising messages - such sites call 'System of Active Promotion', abbreviated SAP.These systems solve two problems - driving traffic to advertisers websites and reward users for their visit.

If you are reading this article, it means you have interest to Systems of Active Promotion and earning online and you want to try yourself in this branch, or are already a user of one or more SAP.

Additional earn online

For the start let's talk about earnings at Systems of Active Advertising, online surfing, SAP points, referals, Email letters, users and advertisers, Exchange of SAP credits. Internet surfing and everything associated with it - is a very common type of income on the internet. Internet surfing - it's a general term that for a surfer(SAP user) means viewing advertising offers of advertisers.Whether it's performing tasks, reading Emails or just surfing - all it is a view of promotional offer. An advertiser pays for each user SAP and SAP fulfills its obligations to the advertiser - ends the job, mails and links to their users. So, a System of Active Promotion acts as an intermediary in the transaction between an advertiser and an user - SAP is involved in points payment for user performing of tasks.

It so happened that at the correct construction of scheme earnings, System of Active Advertising brings good returns to its owner.Because of this, a network has a lot of different SAP, offering advertisers to buy credits SAP and promote your website or business proposal in their system.These SAP exhibit their rules for surfers, tariffs, etc.

We offer you to become a surfer and register in one of Systems of Active Promotion from the list below.Earned points and other units(which emits SAP) you can sell or buy at our exchange, with the money / points instantly credited to your account, and upon completion of the transaction, you can not worry about the security of your account SAP - we keep the Federal Law of the Russian Federation on July 27, 2006 № 152-FZ 'O personalnih dannih' and do not store information about your passwords, tokens, etc.

Systems of Active Promotion

Here we list most popular Systems of Active Promotion.If a system is on the list - then it is better than others for many reasons.At first it is a huge number of registered users, experience at the market of internet surfing and competent support service.Most of these systems has own forum, where you can discuss questions with other users.

Of cause, these list is not full.If you use or have own of good System of Active Promotion - write to us, please ( and we consider a possibility of its connection to our Exchange of SAP points.


JetSwap – one of the most popular and mass SAP in CIS, which works sience 2003 year.JetSwap has a lot partner/child systems, such as,,,,,,, etc.Points of these systems - is JetSwap points, it can be purchase and sale at Exchange WEWEC.COM.Your login at these websitrs is login for JetSwap too.

JetSwap overview

Surfing - web browsing in a frame

Autosurfing - like Surfing, but websites change automatically. You can turn on Autosurfing and do domesticity

Presentation Technology - unique mode of a slide show several pages or more different sites, in which program can simulate real actions of visitor (clicking links, filling in and sending forms, input control image (captcha), clicks on links and flash banners with a mouse, etc.). JetSwap Online Support helps with settings.

Web Surfing - special technology of website promotion, allowing to obtain points from your website visitors

PopUp Surfing - popup window at your website, in which runs autosurfing loans and credits to your account

Task Surfing - surfing technology, where your website visitors interested in advertising watching. A visitor must get a certain number of points, system will show secret link after it

Banners - system supports few popular banner formats: 468x60, 120x60, 100x100, 88x31, 468x15 (Text)

VIP promotion or VIP membership - gets a priority show for your website over other. This opportunity is paid and based on a number of VIP-Member.The number of times your site is increased by 5-10 times

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